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hey there

 I'm Amy and I'd love to be your photographer! I specialize in family and wedding photography. I've been into photography since I was 13 years old! I picked up my first DSLR at the age of 14, and started from there. Now 10 years later, I am doing what I love for a living. I shoot with a Canon 5d Mark IV, and mainly use Prime Lenses. My favorite types of photographs are ones filled with real emotion - crying, laughter, passion, I want to capture it all! I want you to look back at your photos 10 years from now and smile from ear to ear. In my spare time I love to explore new places, and also post funny cat gifs on the internet. My favorite place in Oregon is the Painted Hills. I invest a lot of time into each and every couple/family that I photograph. I want to get to know you and really capture something that shows who you are. You may see me shed a few tears on your wedding day! I love coffee too, so if you ever want to meet before your session, I'm game! Simply click the "contact" page and fill out the form to reach out. 

Things I love:

The color purple
Rae Dunn
Coffee (okay really just caffeine in general)
Floral patterned everything

You can follow me on Instagram at @amybookerphotography. I'm always posting to my instagram stories about my life or latest photoshoots!

Photos courtesy of Meg Raquel